JRuby support in Schmant

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To enable JRuby support, put the JRuby JARs on the classpath when running the build script. JRuby can be downloaded from the JRuby site.

Before running a JRuby script, Schmant prepares the scripting environment by running the prepare.rb script. It defines the Schmant module that includes a list of packages (see below) and defines the following functions:


Write a debug message to the current Report.


Write an information message to the current Report.


Write a warning message to the current Report.


Write an error message to the current Report.


Write an error message to the current Report and abort the build script execution.


Import all Java classes from the Java package name.


Enable the task package name.

Packages included in the Schmant module can be accessed by prefixing them with Schmant:: instead of Java::package_name::. For example, these two lines reference the same class:

For more information on how to call Java classes from JRuby scripts, see
the document on calling Java from JRuby in the JRuby Wiki.

These packages are included in the Schmant module by the environment preparation script:

  • org.entityfs

  • org.entityfs.el

  • org.entityfs.entityattrs.unix

  • org.entityfs.fs

  • org.entityfs.lock

  • org.entityfs.ostrat

  • org.entityfs.support.util

  • org.entityfs.support.util.regexp

  • org.entityfs.util

  • org.entityfs.util.cap.entity

  • org.entityfs.util.filter

  • org.entityfs.util.filter.entity

  • org.entityfs.util.filter.entity.regexp

  • org.entityfs.util.itr

  • org.entityfs.util.properties

  • org.entityfs.util.zip

  • org.schmant

  • org.schmant.arg

  • org.schmant.lang

  • org.schmant.project

  • org.schmant.project.eclipse

  • org.schmant.project.filter

  • org.schmant.project.intellij

  • org.schmant.project.java

  • org.schmant.report

  • org.schmant.run

  • org.schmant.support

  • org.schmant.support.entityfs

  • org.schmant.support.io

  • org.schmant.support.text

  • org.schmant.support.xml

  • org.schmant.task

  • org.schmant.task.template.jdk.javadoc

  • org.schmant.tpm

Enabling a task package includes the packages suggested by the task package in the Schmant module.