Schmant Task Author's guide

Revision History
Revision 1.02009.07.17

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
This manual
2. Writing tasks
Development environment
Implementation example
3. Creating a task package
Extension task packages
Task package file layout
Accessing task package resources from tasks
4. Writing task reference documentation
Reference documentation for a task
Reference documentation for a task package
Building task reference documentation
5. Packaging a task package
Workspace layout

List of Tables

3.1. Plugin extension points

List of Examples

2.1. Implementation of RobbersLanguageTranslatorTask
2.2. Implementation of RobbersLanguageTranslatorTF
2.3. Using the Robber's language translator task
3.1. Findbugs task package manifest
3.2. PDFDoclet task package manifest
3.3. Launching a process using extlib files
4.1. Task reference documentation
4.2. Task package documentation