Example 2

Use an explicit package link to insert an API link to the org.foo.bar package in the doc.html file.


// f is a File or an EFile object referencing the doc.html file new ReplaceSourceFileTF(). setSource(f). setTaskFactory( new ApiLinksTF(). addApiLink( new ApiLink( "org.foo.", "http://www.foo.org/api/index.html"))).run(); // If doc.html contains the following before it is processed: // Jada |api:package-summary:org.foo.bar?linkClass = nice| jada. // // It will contain the following after it is processed: // Jada <a class="nice" title="org.foo.bar" \ // href="http://www.foo.org/api/index.html?org/foo/bar/package-summary.html" \ // >org.foo.bar</a> jada.

* An EntityFS-aware task is implemented using EntityFS. This means that it uses the filter settings of DirectoryView:s and also that it often can work with other file system implementations than File-based, such as the RAM file system.