org.at4j.archive This package contains generic archive interfaces and implementations.
org.at4j.archive.builder This package contains generic interfaces and an abstract base implementation of an archive builder for building archive files.
org.at4j.comp.bzip2 This package contains the BZip2InputStream and BZip2OutputStream stream implementations for decompressing and compressing data.
org.at4j.comp.bzip2.prog The BZip2 and BUnzip2 programs.
org.at4j.comp.lzma LZMA input and output streams.
org.at4j.comp.lzma.prog The Lzma and UnLzma programs.
org.at4j.comp.prog Abstract stub classes for compression program implementations. Support classes for compression and decompression. Support classes for working with EntityFS objects. Support classes that probably would have been in java.lang if they had been a part of Java. Support classes that probably would have been in java.nio.charset if they had been a part of Java. Abstract stub classes for program implementations. Support classes that probably would have been in java.util if they had been a part of Java.
org.at4j.tar This package contains the TarFile class and different TarEntry implementations.
org.at4j.tar.builder This package contains the TarBuilder object for building Tar archives.
org.at4j.tar.prog This package contains the Tar programs.
org.at4j.util.archive This package contains archive utilities. This package contains the ZipFile class and different ZipEntry implementations. This package contains the ZipBuilder object for building Zip archives. This package contains Zip compression methods. This package contains classes representing Zip entry extra fields. This package contains Zip entry external file attributes. This package contains the Zip and Unzip programs.
org.entityfs Many of the EntityFS core interfaces.
org.entityfs.cap Interfaces for entity and file system capability implementations.
org.entityfs.cap.entity Generic entity capabilities.
org.entityfs.cap.fs Generic file system capabilities.
org.entityfs.el EntityLocation interfaces and implementations.
org.entityfs.entityattrs This package contains classes and interfaces that EntityAttributes may use.
org.entityfs.entityattrs.ntfs NT file attributes.
org.entityfs.entityattrs.unix Unix file attributes.
org.entityfs.error The ErrorHandlingStrategy interface and a simple, error logging implementation of it.
org.entityfs.event EntityEvent interfaces and implementations.
org.entityfs.exception Core exceptions.
org.entityfs.fs Builders for read only and read/write file system backed file system implementations.
org.entityfs.fs.cap.entity File system-backed file system entity capabilities.
org.entityfs.fs.cap.fs File system backed file system file system capabilities...
org.entityfs.itr Iterator interfaces.
org.entityfs.jar Jar file system builder.
org.entityfs.jar.cap.entity ECJarEntry interface.
org.entityfs.jar.cap.fs FSCJarFileBacked interface.
org.entityfs.lock Entity locking interfaces.
org.entityfs.lock.cmd This package contains the LockCommand interface and a few implementations of it, and the LockCommandExecutor interface and an implementation of it.
org.entityfs.obs The DirectoryMonitorer interface.
org.entityfs.ostrat OverwriteStrategy and implementations.
org.entityfs.ram Ram file system builder. Interfaces and classes for file system authorization checking. FileSystemException and wrappers for checked Java exceptions. The Filter and ConvenientFilter interfaces and some generic filter implementations. Stream factories, Base 64 encoding and decoding, utilities for working with processes. Support classes for java.lang classes. LogAdapter interface and implementations. Support classes for working with java.nio. Classes that belong in java.util. Support classes for java.util.concurrent.locks classes. Regular expression support classes.
org.entityfs.util Utility classes for the classes in org.entityfs.
org.entityfs.util.base Abstract base classes that can be inherited to implement entity-like objects (for instance mock files).
org.entityfs.util.cap.entity Utility classes for working with and/or resolvable entities.
org.entityfs.util.cap.fs Utility classes for working with file systems with and/or resolvable entities.
org.entityfs.util.cmp Comparator utilities.
org.entityfs.util.dirdiff This package contains the DirectoryDifferentiator, the DirectoryTreeDifferentiator, the DirectorySynchronizer and the DirectoryTreeSynchronizer.
org.entityfs.util.filter.entity Various Filter implementations for EntityView:s (i.e: entities).
org.entityfs.util.filter.regexp Filter implementations that use regular expression patterns on entities' names or locations. Implementations of and factories for lock-aware streams.
org.entityfs.util.itr Iterator implementations and utilities.
org.entityfs.util.jar The JarCreator utility for creating Jar files.
org.entityfs.util.lang Java language utilities.
org.entityfs.util.lock.cmd The LockCommandUtil.
org.entityfs.util.nio Implementations of lock-aware channels.
org.entityfs.util.obs.polling The PollingDirectoryMonitorer and events that it can generate. The Properties interface, an implementation of it and a utility class for it. Simple AccessGranter implementations. The ZipCreator utility for creating Zip files. Zip file system builder. ECZipEntry interface. FSCZipFileBacked interface.
org.schmant The Schmant Launcher class. Support for Groovy build scripts. Support for JRuby build scripts. Support for JavaScript build scripts. Support for Jython build scripts.
org.schmant.arg The ArgumentInterpreter object and its support objects.
org.schmant.lang Schmant basic objects.
org.schmant.plugin Plugin and PluginRegistry. Eclipse workspace plugin. IntelliJ workspace plugin.
org.schmant.project Project and ProjectRepository interfaces with friends.
org.schmant.project.eclipse Eclipse Project classes and the EclipseWorkspace ProjectRepository.
org.schmant.project.filter Different ProjectFilter implementations and the ProjectFilterUtil utility class.
org.schmant.project.intellij IntelliJ Project classes and the IntelliJWorkspace ProjectRepository. Java Project classes. Support classes for Schmant script Report:s. This package contains the TaskExecutor and classes and interfaces that it needs. Schmant support objects. Schmant support classes for EntityFS. Support objects for working with I/O and for starting separate processes. Support object for working with text. The FlatteningList. Support objects for working with XML. Support objects for working with XML DOM trees. Support objects for working with StAX parsing of XML documents. The XPathSupport class for working with text.
org.schmant.task This package contains the Task and TaskFactory interfaces, and various subinterfaces.
org.schmant.task.apache.ant The AntTask, factory and support classes.
org.schmant.task.at4j.bzip2 bzip2 compression task.
org.schmant.task.at4j.lzma LZMA compression task.
org.schmant.task.at4j.tar The At4J Tar task. The At4J Zip task.
org.schmant.task.confable This package contains *Configurable interfaces, an attempt to enforce a name standard for similar properties for different task factories.
org.schmant.task.findbugs Findbugs tasks.
org.schmant.task.html HTML tasks. Basic I/O tasks. Tasks for gzipping files. The ZipTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.jar The JarTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.jarsigner Tasks for signing JAR files. The ExtJavaTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.javac.ext The ExtJavacTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.javac.jdk6 The Jdk6JavacTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.javadoc.ext The ExtJavadocTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.jdk.javadoc.pdfdoclet PDF doclet decorator classes.
org.schmant.task.jdk.javadoc.pdfdoclet.ext The ExtPdfDocletDecorator.
org.schmant.task.junit4 The ExtJUnit4Task for running unit tests with JUnit 4.
org.schmant.task.junit4.ant The JUnit4AntXmlReporter.
org.schmant.task.junit4.launcher Launcher classes used when launching a JUnit 4 test run program.
org.schmant.task.junit4.suitereporter The JUnit4TestSuiteReporter.
org.schmant.task.lang The closure task used by other tasks to run closures.
org.schmant.task.meta Meta tasks.
org.schmant.task.process The ExtProcessTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.project The JavaWorkspaceBuilderTF.
org.schmant.task.proxy Proxy tasks.
org.schmant.task.script The deprecated ScriptTF object.
org.schmant.task.stub Abstract stub implementation of Task:s and TaskFactory:s.
org.schmant.task.svnkit Subversion tasks. Base classes for Zip tasks.
org.schmant.task.template.jdk Common JDK classes. Common interfaces and implementations for Java and JVM-using classes.
org.schmant.task.template.jdk.javac Common interfaces and implementations for javac task implementations.
org.schmant.task.template.jdk.javadoc Common interfaces and implementations for Javadoc task implementations.
org.schmant.task.template.process Common interfaces and implementations for external program task implementations.
org.schmant.task.template.proxy Common interfaces and implementations for task proxy implementations.
org.schmant.task.template.text Interfaces for text task implementations.
org.schmant.task.template.xml Common interfaces and implementations for XML task implementations.
org.schmant.task.text Text tasks.
org.schmant.task.text.apilinks The ApiLinksTF task for inserting Javadoc links in HTML files. Schmant task package building tasks. The ArgumentInterpreterLinksTF task for inserting links to the User's Guide's argument interpretation documentation in Schmant documentation files. The SchmantTaskrefTF task for building Schmant task reference documentation. The TaskFactoryLinksTF task for inserting links to the task reference documentation in Schmant documentation files.
org.schmant.task.xml.catalog XML catalog tasks.
org.schmant.task.xml.dom The DomParseXmlTask and factory for DOM parsing XML documents.
org.schmant.task.xml.validation The SchemaFactoryTask and factory.
org.schmant.task.xml.xslt XSLT tasks.
org.schmant.tpm This package contains the TaskPackageManager class.